Style Guide

Press Kit Style Guide

Please follow these guidelines for all Boston Logic branding


The Boston Logic logo is to be used as the company’s primary brand identifier.

When using the Boston Logic logo, please choose from the variations in our Boston Logic logo bundle. Inside the bundle are two different logos variants of the primary, standard logo: 3 color and all white.  You’ll find vector and high quality raster versions of both variants.

Please do not change the logos aside from relative scaling.


For branding purposes, it is important to use a uniform font across all written materials. This helps Boston Logic build and maintain a professional, consistent brand identity.

Open Sans is the font to be used for all Boston Logic written materials. This includes data sheets, white papers, business collateral, headings, subheadings and any other content that should stand out on the page.

Use Open Sans Light and Regular for headers and sub-headers, and Open Sans bold for text that requires emphasis. Avoid using Open Sans Italic or Bold Italic.

For certain applications (i.e. web), Open Sans may not be available to render correctly. In this case, please use Arial as a web-safe alternative.

Download Open Sans

Color Swatches


R: 247 G: 148 B: 30
C: 0 M: 50 Y: 100 K: 0
Hex: #f7931e

R: 253 G: 198 B: 137
C: 0 M: 25 Y: 50 K: 0
Hex: #fdc689


R: 54 G: 64 B: 74
C: 77 M: 64 Y: 52 K: 43
Hex: #36404a

R: 17 G: 173 B: 228
C: 71 M: 12 Y: 0 K: 0
Hex: #11ade4

R: 17 G: 102 B: 153
C: 92 M: 58 Y: 18 K: 2
Hex: #116699

R: 84 G: 200 B: 232
C: 58 M: 0 Y: 6 K: 0
Hex: #54c8e8

Call to Action

R: 250 G: 164 B: 26
C: 0 M: 41 Y: 99 K: 0
Hex: #faa41a