Real Estate Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Set it and forget it.

Our platform does all the heavy lifting, so you and your team can reach more prospects and clients than ever before. Whether you want to send a monthly newsletter to stay top-of-mind with past clients, advertise new listings, or send out our integrated Market Reports, we’ll help you demonstrate your local expertise, automate the process, and track who is engaging with your content.


Segment Leads on Website Activity

Auto-segment and route leads based on website activity

Reach leads before your competitors, and nurture relationships through targeted content.

Build email templates and create multi-touch drip campaigns

Create elegant, stored layouts for all your email outreach- so you can create content quicker and get more emails out the door.  Ensure you are the one clients and prospects turn to with long-term nurtures and multi-touch email campaigns with local market reports, new listings and meeting requests, and more!

Boston Logic Action Plans

Automatically route & follow up with leads

Auto-assign leads to your agents, and create workflows to automate your process of tasks and emails. Never again will a lead slip through the cracks!