Real Estate CRM

Boston Logic CRM

Good agents drive your business, and good agents need a great CRM.

The Boston Logic platform CRM – built to look and work great on any screen, big or small – is software built specifically for real estate professionals.

Our CRM integrates with your brokerage website, your agents’ websites, and all of the other components of the Boston Logic platform. A lead generated on your website that you then assign to an agent is tracked, scored, and automatically nurtured with relevant, timely email follow ups.

No more Outlook contacts. No more desktop-only solutions. Just one modern CRM your marketing team and agents can build a business around.

The Boston Logic CRM offers you the ability to Capture, organize and track buyer, seller and renter leads from one convenient location.

All of your leads on one screen

Create your own:

  • Fields for lead records
  • Action plans
  • Lead and contact lists & segments
  • Email templates
  • Drip campaigns
  • Lead capture forms

Lead aggregation from all your sources

Extensive lead intelligence

    • Lead scoring
    • IDX search tracking
    • Tracked email marketing
  • Interactive lead visibility

Monitor lead activity on your website

Track property searches, saved properties, views and more


Automated, personalized follow-up

  • Action plans
  • Drip email campaigns
  • Automated lead segmentation

Works on all mobile devices

Bottom line:

No lead left behind. Easy, automated follow up. Plus, we give you true visibility and intelligence for all your company’s clients and prospects so you can turn more leads into clients.